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It will help you to look groomed,
fresh and feminine 24/7


You probably have already noticed
a new fashion trend –
naturalness, «No makeup makeup»

The natural beauty is valued much more than any stylish look you created! For instance, eyelash extensions have increasingly fallen from favour. The most popular and attractive girls use nowadays

Eyelash extender

No makeup makeup No makeup makeup No makeup makeup
Only 3 minutes
  • Eyelashes are longer and thicker by 20-30%
  • Safe for health, hormones and coloring free
  • 1 flacon with convenient applicator for the whole course of usage
  • Notable effect in 2-4 weeks

All you need to create
a top «No makeup makeup»

is a light face tone, a bit of lip-gloss,
nude eye shadow and… thick, long eyelashes
that you can so easily give yourself

Only 3 minutes before your sleep
during 2-4 weeks – and you look fascinating!

Who can use eyelash extender MELIGEN PERFORMANCE?

an Instagram star, a welcome guest of the fanciest parties

Sveta, 20,

an Instagram star, a welcome
guest of the fanciest parties

Business lady, Head of International corporation Department

Kira, 32,

Business lady, Head of International
corporation Department

young groomed mother that always has time for herself

Lena, 27,

young groomed mother
that always has time for herself

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Are there any other ways to make my eyelashes thick and vigorous?

Vigorous and long eyelashes,
smooth and accurate, «dollish»

Unnatural look, discomfort during procedure; You cannot touch the eyelashes or sleep with your face burred in a pillow; You are not able to wet eyelashes or visit pool in the first few days; every 1,5-2 months you should do correction procedure

Super eyelash volume
in 5 minutes anywhere

Black mascara dots on the upper and lower eyelid areas, lumps, eyelashes sticked together because of mascara, risk of allergy, tired “red” eyes, risk of smudged mascara from the heat, pool or on the beach, is not recommended wearing on the frost

Useful and natural remedy.
Helps to strengthen
your eyelashes.

Takes too much time to get notable result; You need use it during 5-6 months every evening and you still will get a law effect, inconvenient in usage, there is no special applicator, eyes stick together, unpleasant feeling of something fat on the eyelashes

Are there any other ways to make my eyelashes thick and vigorous?

Thick and vigorous eyelashes without mascara, there is no need to put a makeup, useful and safety mean, stimulation of natural growth, notable effect in 2-4 weeks of usage and lasts 2 months, fast and easy to use 3 minutes before sleep

You cannot buy it any pharmacy or shop; You need to look for it or buy through Internet

Make yourself a present –
thick and long eyelashes
24 hours per day,

At any time and at any place,
only 2 minutes per day.


Every our eyelash lives for approximately 145 days and goes through 3 stages:

  1. Growth stage (anagen) – 30 days
  2. Transition stage (catagen) – 15 days
  3. Resting stage (telogen) – 100 days, after which the lash comes out

MELIGEN PERFORMANCE preparation prolongs the growth stage (anagen) wherefore the lashes grow longer and thick and acquire brighter and richer pigment than usually! This is possible due to bimatoprost - analogue of bioactive substance prostaglandin - that activates its elaboration, which initiates growth of lashes and increases the number of hair bulbs. It is a perfectly natural process without side effects or addiction!


Once a day in the evening, before going to bed:

  • Remove the makeup, wipe your face and eyelids, remove the contact lenses if any
  • Dab the eyelids dry with a towel or cotton disc
  • Spread the product over the upper eyelid with a convenient applicator
  • Make sure that the product is spread right along the lash line like eyeliner
  • Remove the surpluses of the product with a cotton disc if necessary
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes - and that’s it!
  • You can also apply the product to your brows

Course duration: 12-16 weeks

After course: apply 1-2 times per week to maintain the result

Effect: first result is visible after 2-4 weeks, after the end of course the effect lasts for 1.5-2 months

Eyelash Extender Manufacturer is Pharmaceutical Enterprise MELIGEN CJSC

  • Pharmaceutical company with its own
    factories and quality control department
  • Over 20 years of professional experience since 1993
  • High-quality materials from reliable suppliers

Composition: buffer solution, bimatoprost (3%), benzalkonium chloride

Volume: 3 ml

Storage conditions: store in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C to +25°C

Shelf life: 2 years, use within 1 month after opening

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, a strong tendency to allergies, cancer,
increased intraocular pressure

Manufacturer/ Organization receiving
complaints from consumers:
53А, Shcheglovo township,
Vsevolozhskiy district, Leningrad region,
Saint Petersburg, 188676, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7 (812) 336-12-82
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